IRONQUAD Ace Pilot v2



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  • Ace Pilot Drone

  • Ace Controller

  • FPV-V1 FPV Goggles 

  • Extra Propellers

  • Prop remove tool

  • Micro USB Cable

  • 2x drone batteries

  • USB-C Cable

  • Battery Charger / Volt Checker

  • Custom PID tune & switch arrangement

Video Support


  • Betaflight Compatible: Most commonly used software for FPV quadcopters. Learning and adapting to this kit may help users to operate larger and faster drones.

  • Full Ready to Fly (RTF) Kit: Most hobby-grade RC products require making extra purchases. This kit comes pre-programmed, bound, and ready to fly! Also, it includes charging cables, adapters, and batteries. 

  • Plug n' Play: Wear and tear plus crashes will occur. However, the Ace Pilot parts are fully plug and play with all their parts! No soldering required!

  • Customer Support: We have staff ready to answer questions and help you on your new journey in FPV! Also, we have free videos (see Ace Pilot tutorial videos above) that will help you operate, troubleshoot, and give you tips and tricks.

Specs & Parts


Camera: 12000TVL 16:9 1/4" CMOS

Motors: 1102 18000KV brushless

Battery: BT 2.0 450mAh 

Flight Controller: F411 AIO ESC/VTX

Props: 40mm in Ace Orange

Frame: 75mm in Black

Canopy: in Ace Orange

Radio: 8 Channel 2.4GHz Frsky D8, D16 w/ built-in 1000mAh battery

FPV: 40 Channel 5.8GHz + Raceband w/ built-in 2000mAh battery