Freestyle II x Bumblebee FPV KIT


Provided Exclusive by Ironquad:

*Drone and Transmitter is Pre-Binded

*Gimble Protector  and Extra Batteries for Transmitter 

*Charger for both Drone and Transmitter Batteries 

What is in the Box 

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Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 3.39.20 PM.png
whoop front.jpg

Radio Transmitter 

FPV Goggles 



Jumper Radio box includes:



- 2x gimble protector

- 1x one screen protector 

- 1x lanyard

- 1x Radio case 

- 1 x Data Cable 

- 2x lithium battery  

FPV Goggle box includes: 

- 2x 5.8ghz Antennas

- 1x USB charging cable

- 1x head strap

Emax box includes: 

- 1x battery charger

- 2x battery 

- 4x propeller 

Whoop Pro box includes: 

- 1x USB battery charger

- 2x battery 

- 4x propeller

- 1x Screwdriver

- 1x Radio Controller