Freestyle RTF KIT 



  • Emax Freestyle II

  • Lite Radio 2 SE

  • VR01 FPV Goggles

  • Drone Battery Charger

  • USB Cable

  • Hardware Kit

Video Support


  • Ready to Fly: Binding and programming may be complicated for newer FPV pilots so we went ahead and did it for you! Using the LiteRadio 2 and FPV goggles with DVR, enjoy flying without the fuss.

  • Perfect Match: The Freestyle II is arguably the best 2.5" BnF quadcopter on the market while the Lite Radio 2 could be said the same in their respective categories and price point. 

  • Record Your Footage: The FPV Goggles are one of the best under $100 we have tested and it comes with an SD card slot to record your flight footage! *SD card not included*

  • Customer Support: We have staff ready to answer questions and help you on your new journey in FPV! 

Specs & Parts

Camera: Runcam Nano 2 -  700TVL

Motors: 1103 7000KV brushless

Battery: PH 2.0 450mAh

Flight Controller: F411 AIO ESC w/ FrSky D8 receiver

Props: 2.5" Avan Rush

Frame: Freestyle II 

Radio: 8 Channel 2.4GHz Frsky D8, D16 w/ built-in 1000mAh battery

FPV: 40 Channel 5.8GHz + DVR w/ built-in 2000mAh battery