Starting in 2016, we had a dream to provide drone products that are easy to fly so anyone can share in this awesome experience of flying.

As drone fans ourselves, durability to withstand minor collisions, readily available parts for repairs, maximum flight time, and stability in flight are extremely important as we have incorporated those into our products.


We do not stop at our successes but strive to improve constantly. We are excited to potentially have you join in our journey and wish you'll enjoy our products as much as we do.

Established in 2016, we are located in Santa Ana, CA

Currently, our products are distributed to 119 stores across the United States as of November 2019.

Easy to Fly

Our products are built with the auto hovering technology so the user can spend time on the actual flying by skipping the process of keeping the drone in the air.

Safe and Durable

We value the safety of our customers as our newer products are built on the safe and durable whoop chassis. This will keep the propellers away people and also protect the drone. 

Affordable Quality

We go above and beyond to find the balance between the best quality and lower cost to give our customers the best drones at their price point.

Customer and Parts Support

Without our valued customers we would not be able to live the dream to share the joy in flying drones.

We are available through phone and email to answer any questions regarding your drone. Also, we all parts readily available for customer's needs.