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Pavo 30 + TBS Tango Pro + 850mAh 



  • Pavo 30 Drone
    (Analog + CRSF)

  • Tango II Pro

  • USB 90 Connector

*Recommendation: LiPo balance charger*

*Requires HAM Licence*

Video Support


  • Ready to Fly (RTF): Usually, this product requires binding and setting up the sticks and buttons yet we have already done the boring parts for you! All you need to do is charge up the batteries and fly!

  • Plug n' Play 4K Camera: Pre-install wire harness to connect the SMO 4K action camera.

  • 900mhz CRSF: We chose this protocol due to the need for radio link wall penetration and strong radio link. *HAM license is REQUIRED to operate legally*

  • Customer Support: Good help is hard to find, especially with FPV drones. You can speak to "real" people to help you answer any questions you have during your FPV journey with the Ace Pilot!

*Notice* This product requires a LiPo balance charger to properly charge the drone's battery.

Specs & Parts


Battery: BT 2.0 450mAh 

Radio: 8 Channel 2.4GHz Frsky D8, D16 w/ built-in 1000mAh battery


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