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Build your first drone! Starlight Build Kit

Are you looking for new ideas to engage your students yet want something unique and interesting? Are you planning a youth event in the near future and want to fill in the time gaps with quality activities? Look no further as the Starlight Build Kit is now available!

Building a drone made easy!

Each kit will come with everything you need to successfully build a micro whoop drone! Even without previous experience, the Instruction Guides will help you navigate to complete the process.

There are 3 different kits to choose from, the Basic, Deluxe, and Premium to fit your needs.

The Basic Kit comes with 1x Starlight Controller, 2x CW motors, 2x CW propellers, 2x CCW motors, 2x CCW propellers, 2x Screws, 1x Drone Battery, 1x FC board, 1x Chassis, 1x Canopy, 1x USB Charger, 1x Screwdriver, and 1x Propeller Removal tool. You will also receive a set of extra propellers and a sticker sheet for customization!

Lego Adapter Canopy included in the Deluxe Kit

The Deluxe Kit will include everything the Basic Kit includes yet with the addition of an extra Drone Battery and a Lego Adapter Canopy.

This will give you and your students more flight time with the extra battery and also allow you and your students to bring your favorite Lego character along for the ride!

With the built-in LED that comes with the Starlight drone, you can further customize the look by choosing 10 different colors the Starlight offers.

Carry case included in the Premium Kit

Lastly, we have the Premium Kit that comes with everything the Basic and the Deluxe Kits offer plus a hard carry case.

The case will allow for safe transport for your newly built drone while also organizing the tools and extra parts you receive with the Build Kit.

The price varies from each Build Kit and has a minimum order quantity of 20ea.

For more information, please visit this page.

Also, check out our video here.

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