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Summer Class is in Session! (and it's fun!)

Our assembly kit + 1 extra battery & lego canopy!

Fun, rest, and no work! Some of the words that describes summer vacation! However, why does learning something during summer have to be boring?

We are proud to introduce our drone build kit for the summer! In this kit, you will receive all the parts for our BumbleB Starlight with an easy step by step guide!

You will also get an extra battery and our new lego canopy to take your favorite character for a spin in the sky! This kit is a great option to introduce drones to new pilots for all ages!

Lego character mounted on our new lego canopy

To prepare for your new class, we will also provide a teacher's guide and technical support to assist in you leading in a fun filled and educational class for your students!

The Starlight is a durable, safe, and easy to fly unit backed by our factory defect warranty so there is little to no risk in using our product!

Please contact us at for more information!

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