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The new and improved, Whoop Pro!

We have made some changes to our most popular drone!

New look & FPV monitor adapter ready (behind controller)

The Whoop Pro will still retain most of the specifications as our original design as the flight mode will be dedicated on auto-hovering and powered by 7mm motors.

However, we did recognize the need to make a few changes to the ergonomics to the controller to make your flight experience that much better.

Top Left button = Speed Change & Top Right button = 3D Flip Mode

We addressed the speed change and 3D flip mode by giving them dedicated buttons on the top left and top right of the controller.

The locations of the buttons will make it easier to switch speed modes and enter the flip mode while flying.

Also, we added the adapter slot behind the controller so you can mount an FPV monitor of your choice! We recommended mounting a smaller monitor like this.

5.8Ghz FPV Watch mounted on controller

The Whoop Pro will still come with 2x 220mAh batteries, extra set of propellers, screw driver, USB charger for the batteries, and a propeller removal tool. It is also backed by our after sales support in case you need technical support.


Camera Module 5.8Ghz sold separately.


5.8Ghz monitor depicted in the picture.


FPV goggles (if you want a true FPV experience)


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