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What is FPV? (School application?)

Pilot the RC vehicle using FPV goggles

The perspective of FPV (First Person View) is not new to us as this is how we see the world. However, this experience can change from mundane tasks we do daily to a fighter pilot navigating a jet aircraft.

Here is a video on an average FPV experience: Click Here

FPV in the RC (Radio Controlled) hobby has been on the rise, especially with FPV quadcopters (more commonly known as 'drones') pushing the limits on both technology and quality. The user can expect a very unique experience that cannot be compared to anything this world has to offer.

Product Shown: IQ Pro Apprentice Kit
The camera (middle top) relays video information to the pilot

The camera mounted on the quadcopter will relay the video information back to the user via headset goggles or a monitor where they get a real time feedback on what the quadcopter "see".

This allows the user to experience a birds-eye-view in real time.

So how does FPV benefit education for the next generation? Quadcopters are generally complex to the majority of people who are not in the hobby. Flight controllers, gyros, 4 sets of motors, receivers, and transmitters work together constantly to allow for this experience. In other words, there are flight physics, electricity (atoms), and radio wave propagation learning opportunities as the students will have a physical object to relate their in-class room learning.

There are two packages we offer, FPV Apprentice Package that focuses on the educational portion while the FPV Competition Package is for FPV racing events.

For more information, here are the brochures for each program:

  • FPV Apprentice Package

IQ Pro Apprentice Package Brochure
Download PDF • 3.63MB

  • FPV Competition Package

Zoomie Competition Package Brochure
Download PDF • 6.04MB

What you will get is a pre-assembled quadcopter kits along with all the essentials needed to operate, teach, and hold the events for the respective packages. For more information, please check out our page at

The IQ Pro Apprentice Package includes all you need

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May 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

great pre-assembled kit!!

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