What should I buy?

To keep it simple, there are three types of drones on the market and they are Toy, FPV, and Photography. We will briefly break down the differences and see which one may fit you best on purchasing your next drone.

BumbleB Whoop Pro

Toy Drones

Toy drones are great as you can get a feel for the controls and get a taste of flying a drone without breaking the bank. We decided to make the perfect toy drone as safety, durability, and flight performance all need to balance out to give you the best experience possible. These features can be found in our BumbleB Whoop Pro.


  • Cost efficient

  • Great for gifts

  • Flight controls are the same as larger and more advanced drones


  • Built as indoor flyers

  • LOS (line of sight) only

Ace Pilot

FPV drones

FPV stands for (First Person View) and it is the pinnacle of drone flying. You get to experience sitting in the cockpit as the camera on the drone gives you live feed. FPV drones split into different categories: Freestyle, Racing, Cinematography, and Long Range.

Normally, you will have to purchase, bind, and program separately, which takes a lot of knowledge, time, and energy if you are new to drones. Understanding this, we created RTF (ready to fly) kits for you start right away!

We have two products to get you started on your FPV journey. IQ Pro is a mix between FPV & Toy while the Ace Pilot is truly a great platform to help you transition easier into one of the 4 categories above.

IQB Pavo RTF Kit


  • Very unique and fun experience

  • Lots of different ways to enjoy flying


  • Prone to breaking when crashing due to high performance

  • Learning curve to fly for beginners

  • CPU & mechanical knowledge (However, we are here to help!)

Photography drones

Normally viewed by most people to be the "standard" drone. These drones are created to capture images and videos in the sky. Think of a camera on a tri-pod that can fly. However, they require a large open space to fly and most likely need to register with the FAA. (any drone exceeding 250g are required to register) You will also need to check if the area you are planning to fly is authorized. Also, the price for a enthusiast/professional photography drone starts around $600 and can go upwards to $2000+. We think this is too much of a risk especially for first time drone pilots.

So, we offer two entry-level photography drones to get a feel for practicing before you take the leap into the more expensive ones. We have the IQ Zealot which is the toy level entry to get you familiar with the flight movements and the IQ GPS that resembles closer to the higher photography drones at a fraction of the cost.

The list below are the pros and cons for each of the IQ Zealot and IQ GPS.

IQ Zealot


  • Under $100

  • Assisted Auto-Hover Feature

  • Free phone APP to connect to camera


  • Not a lot of range or strong radio connection (50-200 ft. depending on condition)

  • Not great in moderate to high wind conditions

  • Camera quality is subpar compared to higher end photography drones

  • Need large space to fly



  • GPS installed for auto return to home

  • Similar features to higher end photography drones

  • Brushless motors to fly in moderate wind conditions

  • Free phone APP to connect to camera


  • Need large space to fly

  • APP connection does not have great range