Great kit for all skill levels!

For beginners, if you are looking to step up your drone piloting skills, this kit will allow you to practice Acro & Angle modes right out of the box! It is a great trainer to get you to flying freestyle & racing.


For experienced & advanced pilots, this kit will supply with you a back up transmitter that is small enough to fit in almost any carrying case/bag. 

It is great to fly indoors during foul weather outside so you can keep your skills sharp!


It is truly a RTF (Ready to Fly) kit as there is no binding or programming required! 


Included in this Kit:

1x Beta65s Pro 2

4x extra propellers

1x Muti-Charger with wall adapter

2x 1s batteries

1x TX02 transmitter


*Attention* The USB Micro charging cable for the TX02 controller is NOT included with this kit.

Beta 65mm Kit (Transmitter Included)

  • Please charge the Lipo batteries and the transmitter to full with a USB wall plug/USB Cable before use. The operation without a full charge can permanently damage the batteries. (USB Cable for the transmitter is NOT included)

    Read the instruction manual before operation.

    Be aware of your surroundings as collisions may lead to damage and personally injury.

    This unit is not designed to fly outdoors. 

    Failure to comply with the information above will void the return policy.

  • The product MUST be not opened and returned in an unopen condition within 30 days of purchase. 

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