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Great upgrade for Skyzone 04L or use with HDZero VRX!

*Note* Must use LHCP antennas on VTX also!


  • Cross-Polar Rejection: -15 to -30dB (1.9%)
  • Bandwidth: 5.6GHz-6.0GHz
  • Radiation Efficiency: 99%
  • Polarization: LHCP
  • SWR: <=1.5:1
  • Weight: 3.7 g
  • Size: 12.7mm x 20mm
  • Connector: SMA

TrueRC 5.8GHz Stubby (SMA, LHCP)

  • The product MUST be not opened and returned in an unopen condition within 15 days of purchase. 

  • Why use LHCP antennas?

    A large majority of quadcopters and VTX comes with RHCP antennas. However, if multiple pilots are flying, this can cause interference especially if there are more pilots in the air. By using LHCP antennas, will significantly decrease the chances of overlapping feed, even if on different channels.

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