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The Best Tiny Whoop RTF Kit

Ace Pilot

The Ace Pilot is a complete Ready-To-Fly kit that is ready to fly out of the box.

It is equipped with a Betaflight compatible flight controller along with high KV brushless motors. 


Moderate difficulty in terms of flying but it is arguably one of the best drone kits to help you transition to larger and faster drones. 


Durable, Fun, Affordable


The BumbleB Whoop Pro is arguable the best

entry-level drone on the market! 

With beginner pilots in mind, we have reinforced the frame to protect from damage and harm when operating around applications and people.

Auto-Hover & Self-Level technology allows for ease of operation and speed & 3D flip modes will keep the fun to continue.



Cinematography Trainer

The Zealot is a trainer Cinematography drone to help you get familiar with the flight controls to prepare you to fly more expensive ones in the future.

It features auto-hovering, free phone app, and other assistance features to keep you in the air.


4K/2K Photo and Video


Has features like the more expensive Camera drones out on the market yet at the fraction of the cost.

The highlighted features ares the high-resolution camera on a 2 axis gimbal and do not worry about losing it as it has a built-in GPS to return back to you.


FPV the Easy Way


IQ Pro is a complete Ready-To-Fly kit that is ready to fly out of the box.

It is centered around our most easy to fly, durable, and best selling BumbleB Whoop Pro.


It has auto-hover, self level, 3D flip, and 3 speed controls for ease of use. However, the video equipment is based on 5.8GHz which is the standard frequency for FPV.

*Currently only supplied for education programs*