Beta65 FPV Bundle


BETA75 FPV Bundle




Freestyle x Bumblebee FPV 




3.5 min of Flight Time
4min of Flight Time
*Flight times can vary depending on conditions and type of flying*
F4 AIO FrSky D16
Freestyle & Whoop Pro: 5 min of Flight Time
Freestyle: 115mm
Whoop Pro: 65mm
Freestyle: F4 AIO FrSky D8
Whoop Pro: Bayang X16 AH
*ACCESS or ACCST 2.0+  FrSky radios WILL NOT work*
Freestyle: 1103 7000kv
Whoop Pro: 7mm Brushed
Freestyle: 450mah 1s 2 pcs
Whoop Pro: 220 mah 1s 2 pcs
*SD Card NOT INCLUDED. Recommend 2 to 32gig class 10 SD Card. Max gig card, 32gigs*


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