IRONQUAD Ace Pilot v2

Ready to Fly (RTF) FPV Kit

Hobby grade entry to intermediate FPV drone kit with self-level & full Acro control selection.

Arguably the best RTF entry kit to learn towards operating more advanced and larger quadcopters as the controls, programming, and wireless systems are the same as most in the market.

Marketed as "education kit" by providing free learning videos using the same Ace Pilot Kit. (See below)


  • Ace Pilot Drone

  • Lite Radio 2 SE Controller

  • FPV Goggles 

  • Extra Propellers

  • Prop remove tool

  • Micro USB Cable

  • 2x drone batteries

  • USB-C Cable

  • Battery Charger / Volt Checker

  • Custom PID tune & switch arrangement

  • Carry Case

Video Support

Quick Guide: For those who prefer visual learning than reading a manual

Tutorial Series: Free videos on how to operate, repair, and extra knowledge

*Note* Most troubleshooting videos are located on this playlist

Parts List 





Flight Controller

Propeller Set





Part Number











Here are some common issues that may happen

Controller Not Responding

Turn on the radio controller by holding the power button. While the radio is booting, count the "red" lights. (It should be "3" red lights)
If not, follow this:


  1. Turn off Radio

  2. Press & Hold the "BIND" button on the back of the radio while pressing the power button

  3. This will change the "red" LED pattern

  4. Repeat until the "red" light flashes "3" times

Drone Drifting

If the drift is severe, recalibrating the accelerometer may be needed:

  1. Turn on the Drone and Radio Transmitter

  2. Find the most leveled surface and place drone

  3. Move the "left" stick to the [top left corner] and hold + "right" stick to [down] position

  4. Lower the throttle stick, arm, then hover


If the drift is still there, fine tune the accelerometer by:

  1. Disarm the drone

  2. Move the "left" stick to the [top] position

  3. Using the "right" stick, move the right stick to the opposite side of the drift. For example, if drone is drifting to the left, move the right stick from center position all the way to the right and let it center. Repeat at least 5 times.

  4. Lower the throttle stick, arm, then hover.

  5. Repeat fine tune until drone is relatively hovering in place (note: the drone will not hold perfect center due to varies reasons as wind, obstacles, prop, frame, motor conditions all play a part)

Drone shoots upward

The common misunderstanding is FPV drones are full manual control of the throttle at all times. Feathering and getting a feel for the throttle response is the fix.