• IQ GPS Drone

  • Radio Controller

  • Extra Propellers

  • USB-C Cable

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  • 2K Video & 4K photo: Video EIS (Electronic Stabilization) 2048x1080 / Photo 4096x3072

  • Flight time: 22-25min (varies due to weather conditions)

  • Range: MAX 700m for Video & Radio Link* (Range varies due to different conditions)

  • GPS: RTH (return to home) one button. (NO crash sensors, user MUST keep line of sight to avoid obstacles!)

  • Optical Sensor Mode: AKA NO GPS mode. (Arm and fly without GPS lock, not recommended)

  • 5G Video Link: Clearer image on app

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Propeller Set

Arm Assembly


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Here are some common issues that may happen. Please watch the quick guide video to get started.

Where is the USB-C cable?

It is located in the extra propeller box

Motor does not arm

GPS safety lock is default. (Must achieve at least "8" satellites for motors to arm) Satellites CANNOT be found indoors or near buildings or metal objects as it can obstruct the GPS from satellites.

  1. Turn on Drone and Bind to both controller and phone app

  2. Press the GPS calibration button (bottom right button "looks like compass") 

  3. Follow instructions on phone app. (AKA GPS dance)

  4. After GPS dance, leave drone on ground until minimum (8) satellites are achieved

Turning off GPS

This will allow drone to arm and fly without satellite/gps lock. *Disclaimer* This will disable RTH (return to home) features and also hover in place feature as GPS assist stable, one place hover.

  1. Turn on Drone and Bind to controller

  2. Press and Hold GPS button (top left button, "GPS") 

  3. Controller screen will show "OFF" GPS

  4. To activate GPS mode, repeat from step #2

Cannot link drone to phone app

After installing "VS GPS PRO" app

  1. Turn on Drone and Bind to controller

  2. Go to WiFi settings on phone and find "EIS-5G-GPS-XXXXXX" (The "xxxxxx" is unique ID per drone, yours will be different from others) 

  3. Connect WiFi to EIS-5G-GPS

  4. Open VS GPS PRO app and press "Enter Device"

  5. If successful, you will see image transmitted from the drone camera to your phone