Entry-Level Camera Toy Drone

Mid-sized self-level & auto-hover with phone app for video & camera recording.

Sub $100 camera drone is great for training and getting familiar with the controls as it is the same as higher end camera drones on the market.

Stable flight in low to slightly moderate wind conditions w/ 720p video recording right to your phone!


  • Zealot F Drone

  • Radio Controller

  • Extra Propellers

  • Screw Driver

  • Battery Charger

  • 1x Drone Battery

Video Support


  • Auto-Hover & Self-Leveling: Auto-Hover will keep the drone in the air so the pilot can focus on learning the flight controls while Self-Leveling will help the pilot reset to hover position when the sticks are let go.

  • Trainer: The size of this drone is similar to larger, more expensive photography drones on the market but at the fraction of the cost! This will allow the pilot to learn the flight controls and get familiar on flying a drone without breaking the bank.

  • Camera: 2mp pictures with 720p HD video recording used with a phone app for free! Your pictures and recorded videos will be stored directly to your phone.

  • Customer Support: We have staff ready to answer questions and help you on your new journey!

Specs & Parts

Battery: 900mAh

Motors: 8mm Brushed

Camera: 720p Video via Phone App

Size: 7

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