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Package & Parts

  • Starlight Drone

  • Starlight Controller

  • 220mAh Drone Battery

  • 31mm Propellers

  • Sticker Sheet

  • Screwdriver

  • 1x USB Charger

  • Frame

  • Canopy

  • CW 7mm Brushed Motor

  • CCW 7mm Brushed Motor


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  • Easy, Fun, Durable: Customize your drone! Comes with 10 LED lights to choose from and facial stickers!

  • Auto-Hover & Self-Leveling: Auto-Hover will keep the drone in the air so the pilot can focus on learning the flight controls while Self-Leveling will help the pilot reset to hover position when the sticks are let go.

  • Safety & Protection Systems: The whoop frame was selected to keep the pilot and anyone near the flight vicinity to be protected from the spinning propellers. Also, the build-in battery protection will have the drone automatically land when the battery is near the safe discharge levels so you can continue to use the battery to the fullest charge cycle.

  • Customer Support: We have staff ready to answer questions and help you on your new journey!

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