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FPV "Apprentice" Kit (What is it?)

IQ Pro Apprentice Kit

Since 2016, we had a dream to provide an easy to fly, durable, and safe FPV quadcopter product for anyone to enjoy. After years of research, surveys, and testing, we finally were able to create the right product at an affordable price, the is the IQ Pro Apprentice Kit.

The essentials: Batteries, Chargers, and Cables

To kick start our overview, the first hurdle with any RC hobby products are the accessories. Chargers, cables, batteries, and the essential supporting equipment like the radio controller and goggles are normally sold separately. However, this package comes with everything you need along with extras (propellers, motors) to keep you flying.

Most importantly, how easy it is? Equipped with hover assistance and self level features, the quadcopter will assist you during flight at all times. Also, the controller is labeled for each function so you will not need to go back to the user manual constantly.

Functions: Conveniently labeled for easy use

Unfortunately, crashes will happen and although the IQ Pro is durable as it gets, there might be repairs or parts replacements that will occur. However, you will not have to worry as all parts are plug and play! The connectors on each part while using phillips screws to hold certain parts together, you can use readily available tools to quicky repair and replace parts as needed.

The Brains: the flight controller helps control the quadcopter, also everything is plug and play

Extra parts are included like extra propellers and one motor each. However, if you need any other parts like the frame, camera, or flight controller, those parts are available and ready for purchase.

Again, everything is plug and play and easy to repair. Here is a video on the break down: Click Here

Extra goodies! A solid carry case to store everything.

After you are done flying, we will also provide you with a quality carry case where your quadcopter, radio, and goggles can be stored neatly in the pre-assigned locations. Also, you can store all your essential accessories like the batteries, chargers, cables, and other things you need with your kit.

Lastly, we do offer school and after school programs that incorporate the IQ Pro Apprentice Kit and that is the FPV Apprentice Package, which can be used as a supplementary curriculum for your program.

Along with our IQ Pro Kit, we also provide gates, hoops, cubes and a 5 chapter curriculum that connects Flight Physics, Electricity, Radio Wave Propagation, and FPV Quadcopter Introduction.

For more information, please check out our website at or our brochure below.

IQ Pro Apprentice Package Brochure
Download PDF • 3.63MB


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