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Stable and Powerful!: Great for first time flyers with FPV flying in mind.


Features: Auto hover, trims, 3 level speed control, 3D flip mode, auto take off and landing.


The box contains: Whoop Pro drone, controller, extra propellers, 2x rechargeable batteries, screw driver, long style thumbsticks, instruction guide, and USB battery charger.

BumbleB Whoop Pro

  • Please charge the battery to full with a USB wall plug before use. The operation without a full charge can permanently damage the battery.

    Read the instruction manual before operation. 

    Be aware of your surroundings as collisions may lead to damage and personally injury.

    This unit is not designed to fly outdoors.


    Failure to comply with the information above will void the return policy.

  • Please refer to SHIPPING & RETURNS.

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