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1x BumbleB Whoop Pro 3.7V mAh battery


3.7V , battery for BumbleB Whoop Pro

  • The product MUST be not opened and returned AS IS at the time of purchase within 15 days of purchase. 

  • By purchasing this product, you are responsible to understand how to use, properly store, and understand the properties of a Lithium Polymer battery. 

    Batteries must not go below 3.5v as this will permanently damage the battery and we will NOT be responsible for dead batteries due to misuse.

    When charging, the user must be present at all times.

    Storage charge (while not in use) is best at 3.8v and be stored in certified LiPo bags. Also, DO NOT expose batteries to high temperature areas (near stoves, microwaves, in vehicles, direct expose to sun light)

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